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“The race to stamp out malaria along the Bhutan-India border”

BBC Future, Sep 2019

“The downsides of working less”

BBC Worklife, Aug 2019

“This dental technique saving teeth and money in Sudan could be used worldwide”

Forbes, Sep 2019

“Will anything survive climate change?”

BBC Future, Aug 2019

“The linguistic innovation emerging from Rohingya refugees”

Forbes, Sep 2019

“Why ‘plant blindness’ matters — and what you can do about it”

BBC Future, Apr 2019

“Parents mourning stillbirth follow familiar patterns on YouTube”

New York Times, Apr 2019

“How Brexit changed the English language”

BBC Culture, Mar 2019

“Why most rape victims never acknowledge what happened”

BBC Future, Nov 2018

“A nation of introverts”

BBC Travel, Jun 2018

"Are you a male novelist whose female characters are comically underdeveloped?"

Book Riot, Apr 2018

"On the move with the donkey-powered mobile libraries of Zimbabwe"

Literary Hub, Oct 2017

"A look back at the Chinkees, the ska band that reclaimed Asian identity"

Noisey, Aug 2017

"Why British English is full of silly-sounding words"

BBC Culture, Jun 2017

"Here's why eye contact is so awkward for some people"

New York magazine, Jul 2017

"How do you get people to give a shit about shit? Tell poop jokes"

Bright, Jun 2017

"Dear white writers, please stop doing these things"

Submittable, Jun 2017

"What being a rock star teaches you about practical urbanism"

CityLab, Apr 2017

"Visiting McDonald's with my grandmother"

New York Times, Mar 2017

"How to make public transportation safer for women"

How We Get to Next, Feb 2017

"Why 'Chew' and Asian American superheroes still matter"

VICE, Nov 2016

"Tomorrow's musical instruments look like lightsabers and metal detectors"

Motherboard, Aug 2016

"The enduring unpopularity of the female condom"

The Atlantic, Jun 2016

"How Romania brought broadband to a whole country — and who got left behind"

The Daily Dot, Jun 2016